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Lake Tahoe and Tahoe National Forest offers a variety of activities for all ages and fitness levels. Here are some of our favorite places to go and tons of activities to choose from.

Dollar Point beach and pier, pool and tennis club

Walking the Dollar Pt neighborhood...www.dollarpoint.org/

Hiking & biking Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area trails...www.tahoexc.org/

Sand Harbor....http://parks.nv.gov/lt.htm

Tahoe Rim Trail.....http://www.tahoerimtrail.org/

Squaw Valley....http://www.squaw.com/

North Lake Tahoe Music Festival...www.tahoesbest.com/Calendar

Shakespeare Festival Lake Tahoe's Premier Summer Event...www.laketahoeshakespeare.com

Lake Tahoe Basin

The Lake Tahoe Basin was formed by geologic block (normal) faulting about 2 to 3 million years ago. A geologic block fault is a fracture in the Earth's crust causing blocks of land to move up or down. Uplifted blocks created the Carson Range on the east and the Sierra Nevada on the west. Down-dropped blocks created the Lake Tahoe Basin in between. Some of the highest peaks of the Lake Tahoe Basin that formed during this process were Freel Peak at 10,891 ft (3,320 m), Monument Peak at 10,067 ft (3,068 m) (the present Heavenly Valley Ski Area), Pyramid Peak at 9,983 ft (3,043 m) (in the Desolation Wilderness), and Mt. Tallac at 9,735 ft (2,967 m).


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>Golf Lake Tahoe Golf Courses
>Water Adventures - Para-sailing, pedal boats, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, jet-skiing, canoeing, float planes, windsurfing, boat rentals and dining by boat
>Fishing - Fishing charter and shore fishing
>Cycling and mountain biking
>Hiking and backpacking - Lake Tahoe Basin are hundreds of miles of trails ranging from easy to strenuous, that branch off into unspoiled wilderness area, monitored by the U.S. Forest Service. As in all wilderness areas, weather conditions may change rapidly, be prepared even if only day hiking.
>Horseback Stables and Trail rides
>Casinos and Casinos North Shore State Line
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>Art Galleries, Artist's Studios and events
>Spa and Massage Therapy
>Nightlife in Lake Tahoe

Facts about Lake Tahoe

* Surface Area.......191 square miles

* Capacity........39 trillion gallons

* Maximum Depth...1645 feet(second deepest in the U.S.)

* Shoreline........71 miles

* Daily evaporation.....335,000,000 gallons

* Length.....22 miles (north-south)

* Width.......12 miles (east-west)

* Average surface elevation.......6,225 ft

* Highest peak (Freel Peak........10,891 ft

For more interesting facts about Lake Tahoe visit the USGS website http://tahoe.usgs.gov/facts.html

Snow, rain, and streams filled the southern and lowest part of the basin, forming the ancestral Lake Tahoe. Modern Lake Tahoe was shaped and landscaped by the scouring glaciers during the Ice Age (the Great Ice Age began a million or more years ago). Many streams flow into Lake Tahoe, but the lake is drained only by the Truckee River, which flows northeast through Reno and into Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

Lake Tahoe has a water clarity of about 100 ft (30 m) deep. Factors contributing to its clarity include the following:

* 40 percent of the precipitation that falls into the Lake Tahoe Basin lands directly on the lake.
* Remaining precipitation drains through granitic soils, which are relatively sterile and create a good filtering system.

Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States and the tenth deepest in the world, with a maximum depth measured at 1,645 ft (501 m), average depth of 1,000 ft (305 m). footer image. Crater Lake in Oregon is the deepest lake (1,949 ft or 594 m) in the United States. Please Note that the depth of Lake Tahoe changes every day as the lake level changes. The deepest measurement from the 1998 bathymetric survey was 1,637 ft (499 m) deep. The depth of Lake Tahoe depends on the height it is measured from; some measurements use sea level as a base reference, others use different points of reference. The appropriate reference, or datum, for Lake Tahoe's depth is still being debated. Therefore the measured depth of a lake is only preliminary data and may change.

Lake Tahoe Visitor and Convention Bureaus, (888) 434-1262, www.gotahoenorth.com.
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